Better Data

Administrative records contain valuable microdata for policy analysis and program evaluation.

Better Access

Understanding laws that protect administrative records can help create secure pathways to efficient data access.

Better Analysis

Using microdata from administrative records enables more rigorous policy analysis and program evaluation.

Better Decisions

Leaders provided with rigorous program impact assessments can make more informed decisions about public investments.

Better Outcomes

Data-driven decision making can result in better outcomes for public program participants.

State Data Sharing Initiative

The State Data Sharing Initiative (SDS) seeks to improve public policy program outcomes by enabling evidence-based policymaking through greater sharing of state administrative records in support of rigorous policy analysis and program evaluation. Our efforts, focused on economic and workforce development, could also inform broader policy areas, like education, health, and criminal justice policy.

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State Data Sharing Initiative Tools

The State Data Sharing Initiative has developed a suite of tools to help government leaders and researchers more effectively share administrative data in support of evidence-based policymaking.

Laws & Regulations Database

State Tax Data Comparison Tool

State Agency Directory

Data Sharing Toolkit

Highlights states' legal approaches to protecting and permitting access to administrative microdata
Identifies data elements in state corporate tax forms that could support program performance evaluation
Provides contact information for state agencies that collect or may benefit from access to administrative microdata
Provides model language for data confidentiality laws, data sharing agreements, and other resources